My Top Podcasts for Career Motivation

My Top Podcasts for Career Motivation

As of late I’ve really been into podcasts, so I decided to share some of my faves with you all in case you want to indulge too. I love and believe in story telling so you’ll notice that a lot of the podcasts I listen to are of women sharing their stories. I’m not really into the ’10 steps to…’ format of podcasts.

So here are my top picks for podcasts that will motivate you in your career

  1. Work Party– founded and hosted by Jaclyn Johnson, she interviews female founders and CEOs, entrepreneurs and creatives. If you listen you’ll get “career real-talk, and no BS advice”.
  2. Second Life– Hillary Kerr hosts this podcasts where they talk about and interview women who have had career changes at different stages in their lives aka their Second Lives 
  3. Club She IsKopano Mocwane is the host of Club She Is podcast. Every Monday she shares ‘Monday motivation’ and she recently started a series called my I Quit Story where women share their stories of how they quit their jobs and fearlessly pursued their dreams.
  4. Raising the Bar with Alli and Michael– Siblings Alli and Michael talk to business owners about different aspects of business and and having a life while having a business.
  5. Woman and FinanceMapalo talks to different women on their financial journeys.

FYI, I recently started my own podcast which, to be honest I’ve been slacking a bit with but you can listen to the first episode by searching for She Brigade on you podcast app of choice or just follow this link:

I would love to know which podcasts you’re all currently listening to and add to my list. Even more so if they’re local so please share below your favorite podcasts and I’ll give them a listen :).

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