How To Wear All Black, The Right Way

How To Wear All Black, The Right Way

You’re probably wondering why I would make a post on wearing all black. It’s all black. Not that complicated right? Wrong. There are a few issues that can come from wearing an all black outfit: 

  • The shades of black don’t match
  • An all black outfit is boring

I’ve written this post to address these issues and misconceptions.

The shades of black don’t match

This is the worst. You walk past a mirror and realize your top looks more like dark grey while your pants are charcoal black. The easiest way to avoid this happening is to wear different fabrics. You can get away with different shades of black if your fabrics are not the same. For example wearing a black knit with black denim or a black leggings with a black linen oversized shirt.

Another way to avoid this issue is to keep it to one clothing item. When in doubt just wear a black dress or jumpsuit with black accessories.

All black is boring

Why do people say that??? It breaks my heart a little when people don’t want an all black outfit because ‘ it’s boring’. 

If however that is how you feel then here are a few tricks to zhuuzh it up a little:

  1. It’s all in the detail. Wear black items that have exaggerated zippers or laces like the top I’m wearing in this post. 
  2. Accessorize. You can wear an all black item and accessorize with jewellery or hats or even a cool dramatic bag.
  3.  Use your makeup to add color to your look. Add a bold red, orange or purple lip or even eye shadow. That instantly makes you look more chic and trendy.

How do you rock an all black outfit? Let me know below..

Outfit details

Top- MRP (shop here)

Pants (Treggings)- H&M (shop similar here)

Boots- Superbalist (shop here)

Hat- Planet 54 (shop similar here)

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