3 Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Code

3 Reasons Why You Need to Learn to Code

I work as a Business/Systems Analyst which high level means my job is to look at business processes and their integration with technology solutions. Part of my training included learning how to write code because how can I work with technology solutions if I don’t understand how code works, right? For me it’s pretty clear why I need to know how to code but for everyone else that isn’t in the IT world, you may be wondering what are the benefits of understanding code? Well let me give you 3 reasons why you need to learn how to code. I’ll even add in resources for beginners to use at the end.

Remain relevant in the job market

If you read up on the highest paying careers these days, the top emerging careers or the most in demand skills in the job market, I can almost always guarantee that there will be jobs that require a level of understanding of code. 

From actuarial scientists, engineers, software developer, business analysts, digital marketers to data specialists. While you may not need to know how to develop an entire system, it will serve you well to understand the concepts involved because the last thing you want is to be in a room where people are talking tech and you’re completely lost.





You’ll probably need a website soon – don’t get taken for a ride

The rise in entrepreneurs is exponential. Whether you have a side hustle or are starting your own company you’re likely to need your own website soon. As someone who is surrounded by developers I can personally tell you how often I see people overcharging customers for websites and it’s only because customers don’t know anything about coding.

Next thing you’re paying thousands for a free plugin?? Or even worse you pay those thousands kante it’s not even what you wanted If you understand code you can call bullshit. Bear in mind that when you get someone to build a website for you you have to pay them to maintain it too. Don’t become a victim because you don’t know better. There are millions of free templates available that you can tweak to your liking with basic coding knowledge. That’s what I do with my own website.

 Work on your problem solving skills

Programming involves a lot of problem solving. By learning how to code you can instantly improve your problem solving skills. As a programmer you are usually given a main problem e.g. build a system to capture payments. In order to achieve this you would need to break this down to smaller structured achievable steps in order to build up the bigger picture.

You will also learn how to pay attention to detail. Any developer will tell of a time they stared at code for 3 hours only to find that the problem was a missing comma :’).


There are a lot of reasons to learn how to code. I hope these encourage you to at least look into the skill. 

If you are interested in learning how to code, I would recommend the following as a start:

  • Code Academy – a free app to learn how to code, great for beginners. Covers: HTML/CSS (for web development), Python, SQL (great for Data) as well as CMD line
  •  Udemy – Udemy has a thousands of courses you can do to upskill. Take your pic depending on what kind of programming you want to learn
  • Code Space – A South African place to learn how to code if you have no experience. There is a price factor
  • Code 4 CT – A Cape Town programme for young girls in high school that exposes them to coding and other tech related development



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