What I learnt from the Women Empowerment Business Seminar

What I learnt from the Women Empowerment Business Seminar

I want to start this post by saying it’s women’s month. Yaaaaay! So as a disclaimer I’ll be talking all things women in my blog posts this month so, well, brace yourselves. 😄

I attended a business seminar the other day. More specifically, it was the 1st Annual Women Empowerment Business Seminar. It was hosted by a young lady by the name of Thandiwe Malindi that I know from my home town, Mafikeng.

When giving her vote of thanks she said one of the reasons she had started this was because she had always thought about when she would see herself invited to of one of these fancy seminars she always sees with the big names and figured you know what, let me not wait to be invited but rather start one myself. 

She’s so young and the quality of the event itself was so amazing. I was stunned. The location (The Marion on Nicol), speakers, conversations, the refreshments. You wouldn’t have thought that it was the first of its kind.

I came across this quote on Instagram and it instantly reminded me of the words said at the seminar:

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The best part about attending events like this is being in the presence of inspirational young women who are doing the damn thing!

No matter what stage they’re going through, the ups or downs, it’s amazing seeing women working towards their dreams as hard as it may be.

I learnt so much on that day from the different women in the room as well as the speakers who came and thought I would share some of my biggest takeaways.

Use your powers to empower others

I was listening to the stories from the different women and their journeys I realized how so many of them had one thing in common, helping others. One lady was starting a foundation to empower young boys while another was part of a foundation that helps incubate young entrepreneurs regardless of industry. Others shared how their empowering of others came from being able to pay someone a salary at the end of the month to help feed their families. 

Some shared how for them it was about helping someone feel comfortable in their own bodies or giving the best experience to their clients.

You don’t need to start a foundation or business to help other people- although if you can, great. There are so many ways that you can empower other people even if it’s just by working towards your dreams. There’s always a way.


Guys there’s nothing I hate more than being told to network so understand that it took a lot for it to be something I’m taking away from this seminar. I hate networking. I don’t know how to network. I’ve done all kinds of research on it and still can’t make it work for me.

The truth is however as much as I would like to avoid it, I need to be able to cultivate relationships when the opportunities come in order to grow myself or my business. 

I still can’t tell you how I’m gonna do it but for that room I saw the power that networking has and I can’t keep ignoring this anymore or I won’t go anywhere.

Dont ever give up. 

 I love it when people share their honest, down and dirty story. Life is not easy no social media is meant to portray the ideal life which is thrown in our faces everyday. The thing about hearing the REAL story behind the glam is that it encourages you to know that even when the going gets tough the people you look up to have been through it and made it out. 

This can be a huge source of encouragement and people shared exactly that in the room which really taught me that it’s so okay to go through the most. It’s not the end. Just don’t give up.

Guys, it was an amazing day filled with amazing insights and I could go on and on but I won’t finish lol.

The bottom line is it’s really important for women to back each other up and create environments that help each other grow.

xo Pelo


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