Why You Need to Have a Professional Photoshoot

Why You Need to Have a Professional Photoshoot

When you go for an interview, your first impression is based off of how you look. Similarly you need to make sure that you have professional picture because when your employer (or future employer) Googles you- and they definitely will- the first thing they judge you by is the pictures that come up.  Take LinkedIn for example, before one even gets to your accomplishments and work history the first thing they see is your picture.

Your picture represents your brand. I’ve stressed on here over and over again the importance of building a strong brand. The same way the red and white coca cola sign represents it’s brand and the big yellow M represents McDonald, your picture represents YOU.

So what do you need to get a good professional picture?

My department recently organized a photographer to come and take our pictures. They shared some tips on what to wear and what to do and I wanted to share these with you.

What NOT to wear:

  • Avoid bright colors but also stark white. It doesn’t always look so great in pictures. In that same breath, patterns are a no go too. These are distracting and unnecessary.
  • Turtle/Polo necks are a no go because they make you look like you have no neck. If you have black long hair, avoid a black top so you can see where your hair starts and ends.
  • V-necks are a good idea but no cleavage (I hope that goes without saying).
  • Don’t do trends. In your hair, your accessories or clothes. You want your picture to be timeless. No one needs to know you took the picture in 2010.

The setting:

  • Make it a headshot. Full length pictures are a no no.
  • Keep the background clear.
  • Take it indoors, but with good lighting. If you’re doing it yourself at home, try against the wall in front of a window for natural lighting.

If you can’t get a professional shoot, do it yourself with a friend or a colleague. If they take yours, you will take theirs.

I’ve attached some different examples of my own from the shoot we did at work. These were shot by a professional in front of the elevators.

Pelontle Mosimege- The Office Edit
Photography by: Jeanette Verster Photography
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