When Is Short Too Short?

So I wanted to address an issue many women face in the workplace. When is a short skirt too short? 

The first time I decided to wear this skirt to the office I got all dressed up and as I was about to leave the house I quickly went back in and changed my outfit. I felt like it was too short and didn’t want to be judged.

I told one of my colleagues and she basically told me I’m crazy and that I should’ve just worn it. She was right, sort of. 

It’s funny because it’s that unspoken rule. No one will actually say ‘a skirt must be two inches above the knee’ for example, but we all feel the stares or judgement and sometimes  we even do it to others when someone is wearing something short. Every now and then at my workplace they’ll send out a friendly email asking us to please dress appropriately, lol. Forgetting that what’s appropriate for me might not be appropriate for the next person.

My take on it is it’s not the WHAT, it’s the HOW.

I’ve said this with many outfits I’ve worn on the blog before, it’s all about HOW you wear it. While I think there IS such a thing as too short (we don’t wanna see your underwear when you bend over), I also believe that outfits can be made to look more professional. In fact, they actually make more ‘professional’ short skirts now. I recently saw a few at H&M. Basically it’s a pencil skirt that comes as a suit set, so suit material and all, but its shorter than the typical pencil skirt.

The problem that I find with wearing short outfits is that often people will be distracted by it. So instead of focusing on what you’re  saying someone will be staring down your legs which I personally find uncomfortable. That’s particularly why I don’t prefer to wear a short skirt to the office.

However, a shorter skirt can be styled the right way, so that the skirt is not made to be the center of your outfit’s attention. People will definitely notice don’t get me wrong, but it is less likely to take away from anything you are delivering.

I am no authority on how short is too short but what I do know is at the end of the day you have to respect your company’s policies. So only you can gauge how appropriate it is to wear skirts of a shorter length to your office.

So what does styling a short skirt the right way mean?

  • Ensuring that there’s ‘skin balance’ i.e. if your skirt is revealing it would be a good idea to cover up the top so even if your top is low-cut at least cover the arms or if you want to show your arms wear a high neck sleeveless top.
  • Add a blazer. I still maintain that blazer make everything look ten times more chic.
  • If you’re a little shy like me, add some stockings. I always wear my short skirts with stockings. Not opaque ones but not completely sheer ones either.
  • Avoid short skirts that are super tight and basically cling to your body. Save those for the club.

About the Look

I love a classic piece guys and the only thing better than a classic is a classic with a twist. This shirt is exactly that. The color and material keep that classic white shirt feel yet the bubble like sleeves and silver button detailing add that modern twist to it making it wearable for years to come.

I love that comfort is becoming a recurring theme in footwear  this year so when I spotted this heel I had to have it. It has the shape I love and adore but with a block heel making it that much more comfortable. 


Shirt- Style Republic @ Spree | Skirt- H&M | Shoes- Rage



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  1. August 30, 2017 / 12:07 pm

    Hi there

    absolutely love your blog.
    can you please also advise us fully figured woman how best to dress in the work place:)

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