What Would Posh Do

So whenever I’m in doubt with regards to what to wear I ask myself, what would Posh wear?

and that’s exactly what I did with today’s post. I was looking at these amazing dramatic pants but now the problem is these are the kind of pants that will  actually go with anything and ironically that was my problem and I didn’t know what to pair them with for this post, so I thought to myself: What Would Posh Do?

I think without noticing it Victoria Beckham has been one of my style icons. And though I don’t think I’ve seen her in pants like these ones necessarily I feel like even though the rules say when you wear something loose balance it with something fitted, I doubt Posh would wear  tight top but rather a crisp white shirt and minimalistic accessories. So that’s what I went for.

Clean, chic, professional and of course monochrome.

xo Pelo.

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