The Nude Effect + What I Learnt from Natasha Sideris

The Nude Effect + What I Learnt from Natasha Sideris

White/Nude for me is like the other Black. You need to have all your staples in a shade of nude or white.

I’m not the most poised human being out there so I don’t know if I could pull off an all white look the whole day. I’d probably mess it up within the first 3 hours. Whites and nudes are a lot trickier to pull off than an all black outfit because of the different shades which will almost never look the same.

I tried my luck anyway and it worked. I don’t own a suit (I know right?!) but I like to pair my clothes in such a way that gives of a similar look to suits: the alternative suit.

I hope you like it. Read on for a little on what I learnt from a talk I attended with the owner of Tasha’s, Natasha Sideris, or simply enjoy the pics :).

Blazer and Pants- H&M | Bag- Forever 21 | Heels- Rage | Bracelet- Woolies

There was a little something I wanted to share with you guys.

I’m fortunate enough to attend a lot of talks by very inspirational people and late last year I attended one by the owner and founder of Tasha’s restaurant, Natasha Sideris.

She is very inspirational and her business acumen is what I felt was the most amazing. She shared some of the things she felt were important for business success or rather starting a business and I wanted to share a bit of what I took away:

Put in the 10 000 hours

Success comes with hard work and that means giving your all to your business. You need to put in all the time it takes to get to where you want.

Look for gaps in the market

Identifying gaps can be as simple as thinking about what more you would like out if a specific industry. Identify a gap and fill it as best as you can.

Don’t let a lack of funding stop you

Funding is one of the biggest struggles for startups or entrepreneurs. But waiting for the point where you have ‘enough’ could take forever. Do what you can with what you have. Natasha says she actually used a loan shark (I’m in no way saying go to a loan shark). I for one postponed my blog a lot because I couldn’t afford a photographer & the amount of clothes needed so instead my friends and family offered to take my pictures and yes I dig in my friends/sisters closet often lol (the bag in this post is actually my sister’s).

Choose the right people

You have to make sure that the people around you want the best for you and understand your dream/vision. That way they can help you towards it.

Train your team

Help the people on your team be their best for themselves and for your business. Don’t abandon people just because they are not ‘up to your standards’. Remember that someone has once taken a chance on you or you are waiting for someone to take a chance on you. So why not be that someone to the people around you.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Share your thoughts below 🙂

xo Pelo,


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