The Midi

I actually can’t believe how quickly this year has flown by. This time last year I was home with my parents enjoying my last school holiday and now I’m in full working girl mode.

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Speaking of time flying by, I’ve also gotten so much better at managing my time, I’m even going to gym regularly now (after getting my membership cancelled for not going for so long, lol). I’m not quite there yet but I’m on that journey to balance. Although I do kind of believe that a little chaos is good for you.

About my look:

I’m obsessed with sleeveless blazers and found this light blue one from Legit. I also found new everyday pants to add to my basics. They’re from H&M slightly high waisted (yay!) and go with EVERYTHING.

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Now let’s talk about the midi.

One of the shoes that are cropping up everywhere nowadays are the midi-block heel, and I get why. I don’t wear heels everyday to work but sometimes when I’m wearing flats I wish I had a dressier option. These are the perfect compromise. As comfortable as flats but still make a simple outfit super chic as heels would.  These shoes are also from Legit and are extremely comfortable especially considering the price.



What do you think about flats at work? Yay or Nay? Or would you prefer midi heels over flats?

I’ll be doing a post on my favorite flats for work soon..

Let me know what you think

xo Pelo 🙂


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