The Grand Heritage

The Grand Heritage

Hi all, hope you’ve been having a great week despite our very confused weather.

I’ve already said many times on my blog that I can’t stand cold weather so you can imagine how glad I was that when Saturday came around it was bright and sunny :).

As you may have seen on my Instagram, I spent my weekend at The Grand Heritage, the Vaal’s biggest horseracing event yet!

I mentioned before that the Racing, it’s a Rush ambassadors would be delving more into the sport and this is the first big event I got to attend with them.

I’ve never been to an equestrian event (prior to my training) so this was my first and as I was told it was a little different from the norm. And it was. Laid back, “chilled vibes” were the order of the day which I really love. It kind of reminded me of being at an outdoor market with the added twist of experiencing the horseracing.

It was a fun day filled with beautiful people, good food, drinks and lots of fun. Here are a few pics from the day

Pants-H&M | Shoes- Legit | Scarf- Zara

Pants-H&M | Shoes- Legit | Scarf- Zara








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