Sales: To Shop or Not to Shop?

Sales: To Shop or Not to Shop?

I was chatting to a friend the other day and happened to casually mention that I’d never spent more than R400 on a single item of clothing. The look of disbelief on her face was priceless, bear in mind this is a pretty close friend of mine.

I’ll admit that was a slightly exaggerated statement, just slightly though. It’s very close to the truth.  

So I really thought about it and I can actually count the number of times I’ve spent more than R400 on clothing all on one hand. This doesn’t include shoes though. So basically, excluding a coat or two and ‘special event’ clothing like graduation stuff.. I really have never spent more than that on a single item of clothing.

So how do I do it and still look oh so fab (hahaaa)? Well my secret is, I’m a serial sale shopper. I almost exclusively only buy sale items or use discount vouchers and the likes. I definitely have items of clothing that cost waaaaay than R400 I just don’t pay that much for them. One of my more memorable amazing sale purchases was a shift dress from Mango that went from R850 to R135 on sale. WIIIIN!!

Shopping sales is like a secret obsession of mine. Everyone that knows me knows the thrill and adrenaline I get from a good bargain. I know it’s sounds crazy but I looove it! The response I always get to this is that well if you’re shopping sales you’re not really saving because you’re buying things you wouldn’t have bought and end up spending even more blah blah blah (every single time, arggh so annoying). And I’m just like just because you have no self discipline at sales doesn’t mean we all don’t, okay? 

So I’ve compiled some tips for shopping sales:

1. Keep a list of clothing items you need/want. Sales can easily tempt you to buy things you never intended to buy or don’t even need so if you keep a long term list of things you need, you won’t get distracted in a sale. Keep it in your notes on your phone so that if you happen to come across a sale you know whether to walk away or not.

2. Prioritize your list according to NEEDS and WANTS. Sounds like unnecessary work but when you go to a store and you spot your want and it’s not on sale don’t buy it. All your wants should only be bought during a sale and only your needs can be bought outside of sales. 

3. Give yourself a “not on the list” budget. So if you’re at a sale like those big end of season sales allocate a budget to those things that you know you’ll just see and fall in love with but aren’t on your list because we all know that happens and once you’ve exceeded that budget STOP! Focus back on the list items only.

So it takes a lot of discipline no doubt at a sale. But somehow I’ve managed to kind of get it down to the point where I spend way less on clothes then you would ever imagine. 

Us working girls have way too many financial burdens. We can’t let clothing add to that stress.  

xo Pelo. 


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