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Dressing for an Interview: The Do’s and Dont’s

I’ve meant to talk about dressing for interviews for a while now but thanks to my (hopefully former) lack of organization, never got to it. (Blogger tip: Plan all your posts, and if you have a post idea start writing a draft asap). We all go through them, interviews. This is one of those events where the saying ‘first impressions…

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Job Search Tools

So personally I’ve only worked at one place since graduating. However I was thinking about my job search journey and how I didn’t even know half the tools I could use to look for a job when I was looking. So whether you’re about to graduate or you’re just looking for a career move, I’ve compiled my list of places/ways to…

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New Series: On the Agenda

I was recently inspired by some of my favorite blogs: What My Boyfriend Wore &  Memorandum to start sharing a list of my favorite things. On the Agenda is where I’ll take you through a recap of my favorite things or just some things I’ve tried in the past month as well as things that I’m looking forward to trying out. So whether…

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Trend To Try: Plaid

Whether you call it plaid or gingham. This print is in. If you’re like me and you’re no quite sure what to call it then you’re about to thank me. In an effort to not sound too ignorant I researched the difference between the 2, I wouldn’t want all the fashion gurus out there to kill me, lol. So the…

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It’s a brand new year and we’re back at it with the look posts. What better way to start the new year than in a killer Boss Babe outfit. My sister took these pics and she kept saying you just look like such a Boss Babe. I decided to embrace it and googled the definition, don’t do it. The top…

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My Favorite Inspirational Quotes

I love reading quotes. I have quotes all over my phone for easy access lol. If you follow me on Instagram (@pelontle_m) you’ll notice I caption a lot of my images with quotes. It’s not just for show, I actually believe in them lol. I think the reason I love reading them, especially if I can relate to them, is…

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