New Series: On the Agenda – No. 01

New Series: On the Agenda – No. 01

I was recently inspired by some of my favorite blogs: What My Boyfriend Wore &  Memorandum to start sharing a list of my favorite things. On the Agenda is where I’ll take you through a recap of my favorite things or just some things I’ve tried in the past month as well as things that I’m looking forward to trying out. So whether it’s something I’ve recently discovered for my skin, a work tool or even a new (or old) recipe I’ve tried or want to try out, every month I’m going to be sharing that so you can put it on your agenda- get it?  


One of my absolute favorite tools to use is Canva. For work it’s a great tool to do interesting presentations or infographics. I even use it for my blog to create the blog titles like with this post. They offer an app for your phone but I’m honestly not a fan of it as it has limited  features.

Another great reason to use Canva is that it has really nice free templates you can use for your CV.


My face started randomly breaking out this month and I posted about it on my instastories. I got quite a lot of great advice but there are two specific things which were recommended to me that I’ve decided to add to my skin regime : 

The Lush Coal Face Soap

 I’ve been using it for the past 3 weeks and it’s definitely a keeper. If you have really oily skin that is prone to breakouts like mine, it’s great because the charcoal gently exfoliates your skin and absorbs all the excess oil. It always leaves my skin feeling fresh and ‘breathable’. I haven’t had a breakout since I’ve started using it.

Tea Tree Oil

I also started using tea tree oil while my face was breaking out. To use it just grab an ear bud and lightly dab onto the pimple. I also use a few drops when steaming my face or if I’m taking a long hot bath just for that refreshing feeling. A lot of the people who suggested tea tree oil did warn me, saying that it can be veeery irritating to your skin. You have to use very little or use a carrier oil like lavender oil to make it gentler. After my experience however, it didn’t irritate my skin much except for a little tingly feeling when I put it on but others have had different experiences to me.


I love trying out new restaurants. It’s actually a thing me and my boyfriend do. I tried Urbanologi this month. A lot of people have been telling me to try it and I’m glad I did. It’s set in it a brewery (Mad Giant) so there’s literally huge metal tanks where the beer is made all around you. I really loved their menu too, they serve ‘Urban Garde Cuisine’. It’s an Asian Fusion so it’s definitely different from what I’ve tried in the past.

I’ve known about Hyperli for a while now even subscribed to their newsletter but I’ve never actually used them. Hyperli offers discounts on products as well as things to do like horse riding, spa days etc. This past month for my sister’s birthday we found a package on Hyperli for a full spa day at Mangwanani Spa. Firstly that discount was bomb AF and as for the spa day itself honestly if I start on it I wont stop. What I will say is if you have some money to spare I would definitely recommend you do it. It was more than worth it.

Looking forward to..

Cosmopolitan Magazine has their annual Cosmo Hustle event again and I’m so excited! I’ve actually attended this event two years in a row now and I love it. It’s a great place to get to hear different women’s stories, to network and get inspired all round. 

Since we moved, my sister and I are on the hunt for a great sushi spot. We really love sushi and are on a mission to find a perfect sushi spot (besides Big Mouth lol) feel free to share your suggestions with us :).

We’ve also heard about Bounce and the workout sessions they offer- Bounce Fit. It looks like a fun way to work out so my sister and I have decided to try a session.

See you next month..


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