Beauty Must Haves for your Handbag

  We sit in an office all day and your ‘face’ will probably not last the whole day. And with all kinds of odd working hours, you can’t always go home to freshen up if something comes up.

This post is all about my personal beauty must have’s for your handbag if you need a quick touch up to go from the office to a date, late work function or even just a girls night out.

Just as a disclaimer: I love makeup but I’m really just still learning how to use it most of the time (that’s why we troll YouTube beauty bloggers). Also all these products are super reasonably priced 🙂

Okay so here we go..


The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder

 My face is super oily so by the end of the day it’s a mess. I think every girl needs a powder they can rely on and this is my go to. A few dabs on my skin after a long day and it looks refreshed. I apply it with the Swiitch Beauty MultiKabuki brush.


The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome

This little dome is like a blush ball and highlighter all in one. Super easy to use and blends beautifully. I just swipe it across my cheekbone and blend with my fingers and voila instant cheek definition.


 It’s important to have a few go-to lippies in your bag. The way I see it is
you need to always have at least one of three kinds: a nude, a muted color and a bold color. You want to be ready for whatever might come up for example, if you have a business meeting/function after work a nude might be the best option. If you’re going on a date a muted color which stands out but isn’t too much would be more appropriate whereas if you’re meeting the girls for drinks you might want something bold to make you stand out.

My personal favorites are:

Nude: Rimmel London Provocalips in 730 in Make Your Move

Muted Color: Yardley StayFast Matte Lipstick in Miss Mauve

Bold Color: Maybelline Vivid Matte Liquid in 45 Pressed Plum


Rimmel Exaggerate waterproof eye definer in 26 Noir

I don’t usually wear eyeliner to the office, most days I prefer to just have mascara on. I do keep one in my bag though just to add that bit of drama to the eyes if I’m going somewhere after work.

So that’s it. To quickly spice up my look after work, these are my go-to makeup products, and no this is not an ad. These are genuinely my fav products..

Did I miss anything? Let me know what makeup products are always  inside your handbag..

xo Pelo.


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