Feeling Festive

I don’t know if it’s the heat or that festive feeling in the air but I’m finding it a bit harder to keep to that more strict corporate dress code lately.


I was warned about that winding down phase where everyone is a  bit more relaxed or maybe just not in the mood towards the end of the year. And I’m starting to feel it (don’t tell my boss that lol). Unfortunately, I don’t work at one of those firms that close at the end of the year so the wheels need to keep turning. So I need to find a balance between still looking  the part when I go to work and being ‘festive’ ready for after work haha, we all know how busy our social calendars can be in December.

I bought this skirt a year or two ago from Mr Price but as other skinny chicks like me probably know their sizes are always a little too big yes even their XS’s are like Mediums at times (I must admit though they’ve gotten a lot better since then). Anyway, I bought it and never really got around to getting it tailored and it’s been shoved in the corner of my closet somewhere and this year I finally just altered it myself (benefits of having a sister that makes clothes, I can just jump onto her sewing machine every now and then).


I’ve said it before I’m not big on prints but I really do love the boldness of this skirt. The classic nude heel keeps it professional and the T-shirt keeps it playful. Swap out the heels for a pair of sneakers and you can go straight from the office to a chilled setup (like a braai 😉 ) or keep them on and you’re good to go for a cocktails after work.

I had a mini debate with one of my colleagues about the appropriateness of  wearing a t-shirt to work and the consensus was that it’s all about HOW you wear it which would be the case with most items I suppose.

My take on it is whatever you wear, complement it with my basics and you’ll immediately look professional.


xo Pelo.


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