My Favorite Female South African Websites for the Modern Working Girl

My Favorite Female South African Websites for the Modern Working Girl

If you’re reading this then you’re likely a young working woman. Whether you’ve been working for a while, have just started working or are about to start, these are my go to websites that you’ll love as a working girl.

  1. The Office Edit!!!

Hahaa, just kidding (not).

Okay, let’s do this list for real lol:

Founded by Kim Nokwaza, An Ode to Style is a platform for the young working woman and addresses all the issues one might face. She’s been in the corporate world for over 10 years now so I definitely think she knows what she’s talking about.

She has an interview section where young inspirational women and their careers are showcased called Womenomics. Kim works in Trusts so if you’re in a completely different field like me it’s refreshing to read her different perspective. She also addresses things I wouldn’t even think to start asking but definitely need to know, lol, I guess it comes with experience.

Instagram: @KimmyNokz

Club She Is is founded by Kopano Mocwane as a site that provides tools and resources for achieving your goals. As a serial entrepreneur, Kopano has enough experience to share if you’re working a 9 to 5 or starting your own business. As a member of the site, you receive personalized guides and training resources to help you succeed but even if you aren’t a member, you can still benefit form the free resources she has on her site. She also offers monthly training sessions that you can attend physically or in the form of webinars to help you on your journey. Oh and there is also a podcast which is great to listen to on your way to or while at work.

Instagram: @ClubSheIs

If you’re a reader of The Office Edit you would have seen my interview with Mapalo Makhu, founder of Woman and Finance (read it here).  Mapalo is passionate about educating women on their finances and one of the ways she does that is through her website, Woman and Finance. 

I love Mapalo because as a young black woman who has been working for a mere 2 years I definitely feel like there is not enough out there educating us on how to properly handle your finances.

Between high school and varsity there’s basically no education on personal finances. Only if you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life who is ready and willing to teach you about it, will you understand personal finances. Oh, she even has podcasts so you can listen while you’re working.

Instagram: @WomanAndFinance

Like Mapalo, I was fortunate enough to interview Zimasa Qolohle for our ‘A day in the life..’ series (read it here). 

Zimasa is the founder of The Corporate Canvas. An online magazine for the young professional. Everything is discussed, from marriage, money, career advancement etc. They also interview young professionals from different spaces. 

I also love their social media pages which are provide other tips and tricks for the young professional. Zimasa also occasionally does an Instagram to answer burning questions. TCC also offers service where they can help you with your CV or cover letter.

Instgram: @TheCorporateCanvas

Founded by Tokelo Motsepe, Afrenai is a hub for African fashion. On the platform she showcases brands and fashionista’s alike from all over Africa. What I love about Afrenai is how it exposes you to brands you otherwise may not have known about and it tells a story about them- it’s not about selling. The site also interviews founders, which if you are a business woman is amazing beacause you get to see the journey’s behind how theses incredible people got to be where they are now.

Instagram: @Afrenai

Did I miss anything? Let me know your favorite sites below..


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