Fake it ’till you make it 

Fake it ’till you make it 

Don’t you just hate it when you’re wearing an outfit and you kind of feel under dressed but at the same time you don’t want to go over board and wear a suit?

So today i thought I’d share a few tips on looking instantly professional and put together, they work for aaanything!

  • Throw a blazer over it

Anything at all, even a flowy summer dress. Blazers easily transform any outfit and the better the fit the more professional it looks.

  • Heels

Preferably court heels, these can make even an outfit with jeans look more professional. The less embellished the better.

  • Black and white

My go to colour choice for every occasion. Whenever I’m in doubt about colour choices for my outfits I know that no matter what pieces I’m wearing I can’t go wrong with black and white

  • It’s all about the fit

When it comes to clothes, the fit can be the difference between, “I just rolled out of bed” and “respect me when I speak”
So when you’re given that whole “business casual” dress code and you’re not too sure what it means- because really, no one
does- throw on a blazer, wear court heels, choose a monochrome palette or do all of the above and you wont have to worry about not looking professional enough.

Xo, Pelo
Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Processed with VSCOProcessed with VSCOProcessed with VSCO

Blazer- Forever New | Pants- H&M | Heels- Rage | Necklace- a friend’s


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