Bringing your personal style to the office

Hey everyone. So I had a whole look planned for this week and wanted to share that with you all and then there was a sale :(. I’m a sucker for sales and this past week has been sale heaven for me. So I decided to instead share these awesome pants I stumbled upon.

I’m typically a bit of a girly girl but thought it might be cool to do something different and go for tomboyish look this week.

Then I thought maybe it’s perfect that I found these because I wanted to talk about bringing your personal style and bit of personality to the office.

Often times when we think office wear for females, there seems to be some form of prescription. Heels, fitted blazers. fitted pants etc. But that’s not always comfortable for all of us ( I wear flats to work at least twice a week).

You don’t have to prescribe strictly to traditional work wear- think Elle Woods in Legally Blonde (okay maybe not so extreme in real life, lol)

You might be thinking that goes against everything I’ve been saying on my blog this whole time, but it doesn’t. The looks I post here and tips I give are the common ground that I have managed to find between my personal style and corporate wear.

Think of your company’s policy and your personal style and find a middle ground. This is one of those things that’s easier said than done especially if your company has strict dress codes. It’s definitely possible though, I get most of my inspiration from the people around me at work. Otherwise you may just find yourself wearing a black suit or pencil skirt everyday. What’s the point if you’re just uncomfortable anyway?? It will also work for your wallet as you won’t find yourself having to spend on two separate wardrobes. One for weekdays and one for the weekend.

This is probably not something new to you. I’m simply reiterating it because it’s very easy to lose your sense of style (which I believe is part of your identity) in your work environment.

So there you have it, this week is not about giving any advice or educating or entertaining you. It’s simply a reminder to always stay true to yourself no matter which environment you find yourself in.

Besides how much harm can it do to stand out if it makes you memorable?

Just as long as you keep it appropriate 😉

xo Pelo.

The Office Edit- Personal Style

The Office Edit- Personal Style

Blazer- H&M | T-Shirt- Woolworths | Pants- Forever 21 | Shoes- MRP

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