#CosmoHUSTLE 2017

the office edit- cosmo hustle

Cosmopolitan Magazine South Africa hosted another great career workshop- Cosmo Hustle. There’s nothing I love more than being in empowering spaces with ambitious women.

The annual event started last year with the intention of empowering women through storytelling and giving them the tools to success.  It’s also a great opportunity to network. I got the opportunity to have a one-on-one talk with Holly Meadows the editor of Cosmo. I attended last year and didn’t want to miss out on this years one. The guest speakers of the day were: Pap Culture, Ayanda Thabethe, Rouge and Allegro.

The topics discussed ranged from building your brand, establishing a digital presence, building your confidence, developing business plans and more. I definitely learned alot and wanted to share some of the points that were discussed.

Building your brand- Rogue

  1. Understand and be your authentic self
  2. Speaking engagements
  3. Contribute to thought leadership topics and participate in interviews
  4. Build your online presence
  5. Remain a student of your industry

5 Things to know before starting up a business – Allegro

  1. You will go broke!
  2. Be ready and willing to invest in yourself before anyone else does.
  3. You will hole more than one title in the company including: receptionist, accountant etc.
  4. You will lose sleep and sacrifice social activities.
  5. Initially you will feel like you are babysitting and caring for a toddler.

How to build momentum for your startup and get it noticed – Allegro

  1. Make use of free platforms such as social media to drive exposure for your company.
  2. Build a personal brand that will help drive your business brand (be relatable)
  3. Be consistent with the content you post to attract and retain followers/ customers.
  4. Create a basic website.
  5. Develop an in-house PR and Marketing plan
  6. Make use of newsletters within the company, to customers and the media to keep them updated on your moves (achievements, plans, etc.)
  7. First LEARN then remove the “L” and EARN.

I’m already looking forward to next Cosmo Hustle.

 the office edit- cosmo hustle

the office edit- cosmo hustle

The event was held at MESH in Rosebank

the office edit- cosmo hustle

My friends and I enjoying the day

the office edit- cosmo hustle

the office edit- cosmo hustle

the office edit- cosmo hustle

Details: Blazer- H&M | Slip dress- Factorie | Shoes- MRP | Hair by Lelle 

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  • Mpumi November 6, 2017 at 2:29 am

    I had the pleasure of attending this event and I must say it’s truly inspirational and a great platform for female empowerment. Definitely not missing the next one


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