I’ve been in the corporate world for just over half a year now and the hardest thing for me has been balance. 


I’m starting to wonder if that’s even a real thing. Can you truly find balance? Career, relationships, social life, health, family, how do you balance it all? 

I’m at a point in my life where I want to dedicate most of my time t0 my career but where does that leave other things which are equally or even more important to you? I guess you have to choose what’s really important to you and focus your energy on that but how can career come before family, or health before your friends? I’m really just trying to figure everything out and it’s been a tricky ride. 

My ideal day would be working from 7am-5pm, going to gym, coming to home to cook a nice wholesome meal and then working on my blog for an hour. On weekends I’d catch up with family and friends, take pictures for my blog, attend events and hang out with my boyfriend.

Truth is I’ve barely been to gym lately and takeawawys are my staple. I usually work very long days say till around 7/8 so I’m exhausted by the time I get home and so my weekends are dedicated to blogging if I’m not working and once in a while I see my family/friends.

Without sounding too whiny, I need help.

I like to think that perfect balance isn’t a real thing. You do the best you can whenever and wherever you can. 

Any thoughts or advice on balance? 


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