A Pop of Coral

A Pop of Coral

Someone at the office told me I wear too much black (like there’s such a thing right) and not enough color. I mean, she’s not wrong I love black and white and that’s almost literally the only thing I wear.

Regardless, I’ve decided to challenge myself a bit more and wear more color in a way that’s still me.


Fun story about these pants. Firstly, they’re actually my sisters. Second, they were originally full length pants. I’m a little taller than my sister so when I tried them on she had them tailored to her height. Not good news for me because they just looked awkward. Sooo I somehow managed to convince her that a pair of scissors would create some magic and voilà! This was the result. I think you all already know how much I love me a pair of cullotes so I’m all giddy over these.



My pop of colour is obviously the coral blouse but the sleeves aren’t quite appropriate for the corporate environment so I added the blazer.

Okay enough rambling, I hope you enjoyed this look as much as I did.

xo, Pelo.


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