A day in the life of Zimasa Qolohle

A day in the life of Zimasa Qolohle

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Today we follow entrepreneur and business owner Zimasa Qolohle. She’s been featured as one of Destiny Magazine’s “Top 40 Game Changers Under 40”  in November 2015 and won the McKinsey & Company Next Generation Women Leaders Award in January 2016. Zimasa’s online magazine’s is actually one of my motivations behind starting The Office Edit and I’m honored to have her feature on the blog.

We asked her to walk us through her day as she balances the corporate world as well as running a business.

I currently have a full-time job in financial regulation at a major South African bank, whilst also working as the Editor of an online career and lifestyle magazine titled The Corporate Canvas – also known as TCC. My career at the bank entails having extensive knowledge on financial laws and regulations in various countries across the continent, and effectively ensuring that the subsidiaries of the institution are aware and adherent of these laws. This does mean that I get to travel quite extensively across the continent. However, when I am not travelling, my day is reflected as per below. Having The Corporate Canvas be a side-income generating platform means my days are pretty heavy!

05:45 – My day starts between 05.45 and 06.00. Where I literally wake up immediately and check my phone – but not to browse social media just yet! I proof-read the Instagram post/caption I have written the night before for our Instagram page (@thecorporatecanvas) – I’m a serious perfectionist and grammar nazi. I then check TCC’s email page and respond to emails from readers. Our following in Zimbabwe is growing exponentially and I quite literally answer up to 10 emails from our Zimbabwe & Botswana readers alone.

06:30 – I post the above-mentioned Instagram post.

06:35 – I wake my husband up, if he hasn’t already woken up, and I head to the kitchen to prepare our lunch. We literally have 5 small meals a day, so I ensure I pack said lunch accordingly. If he has gone to gym, I make him eggs, sausage and avo for his return.

07:00 –  I step into the shower.

07:30 – No jokes, it takes me 30 minutes to get ready, make-up and all. And yes, I look pretty darn stylish at work every day if I do say so myself.

08.30/09:00 –  Depending on how horrendous the traffic is on William Nicol drive, I am usually at work by 08.30, but if its horrific (which is every day) I arrive at 09:00 and my boss is pretty cool about it.

09:00 – 17:00 – The bulk of my day is spent dedicating my time to my full-time employer and catching up with my bestie whom I work with (lucky me!). My days at work get extremely hectic as I work with colleagues and stakeholders situated in 18 different countries!

17:00 – I send invoices to customers who wish to use my CV/Rate Card design service (https://store.thecorporatecanvas.co.za/). If it’s a Wednesday, I spend the evening designing said CV’s and Rate Cards for customers, and sending them accordingly. I have dedicated Wednesdays to attending to all orders.

17:30 – Every other day of the week (Monday – Friday, excluding Wednesday) I attend an exercise class at Planet Fitness. (Weight training on Mondays, Spinning on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Brazilian Booty blast on Fridays (LOL)). Classes are the best way I can ensure that I have an intense workout within a reasonable time – 45 minutes – as I cannot afford to spend hours at the gym, but I do believe in the importance of fitness.

Zimasa Qolohle- The Office Edit

18:30 – I get home and if it’s my turn to cook (mostly, we swop days) I make a quick dinner which always includes protein (either chicken breast, ostrich or turkey) and grilled vegetables (we both LOVE broccoli, cauliflower and sweet potato). If it’s not my day to cook, I scroll through Instagram, look to see if I have any TCC- related emails, chat to my co-editor Redeem, shower and eat dinner with my husband.

20:00 – My husband goes upstairs to the study to do some reading, which gives me time to sit in bed and strategize upcoming content for TCC or even upload content. Over the years I’ve established a strategy where I seek and upload content in bulk, often having up to 4 weeks’ worth of uploaded content at a time.

21:30 – I write the next day’s Instagram post/caption and chat to my mom, sister or bestie (it doesn’t matter that we saw each other all day LOL).

22:30 – Pray for my family and friends. Scroll through Pinterest to get outfit inspo for the following day.

23:00 – Bed time.

Zimasa Qolohle- The Office Edit

Zimasa Qolohle- The Office Edit

Zimasa Qolohle- The Office Edit

Zimasa Qolohle- The Office Edit

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