A Day in the Life of Oregolele Gomolemo


Welcome to the first in our new series, A Day in the Life of..

Here we’ll be showcasing different hardworking young women doing the damn thing out there. 

I hope you leave here as inspired as I am.

To start of the series we have Oregolele Gomolemo. The 25-year-old founder and director of Basil and Brass, an events and creative concepts company.

We asked her to tell us a little about who she is, what she does and to share what it’s like to live a typical day in her life…

My name is Oregolele Gomolemo. I am a 25-year-old village girl who constantly dreams lofty dreams, and sometimes that gets me into big trouble, lol. The Universe and it’s Creator were kind enough to gift me with a company called Basil and brass (Pty) Ltd. It has been operating for just over a year now, based in Pretoria (or wherever we open our laptops lol).

Basil and Brass (Pty) Ltd is an events and creative concepts company. In basic terms, we get paid to have fun and to think creatively. We handle regular events (baby showers, weddings, etc.). But the best part of what we do is to come up with concepts, for events or marketing or even campaigns. These are basically concepts that work to bridge the gap between the producer and the consumer. Our ideas/concepts are always aligned with the vision of the company and whatever message they aim to put across. We also do equipment hiring (tents, cutlery/crockery, decor elements, etc.) and private catering for intimate events. Lol full body of work, huh?

It’s really tough doing this honestly, because EVERY DAY is different to the next day. BB is something I try by all means to keep running no matter what happens, so even on a day I am at home, I am working.

Below is taken from my day last Friday. I hope it sheds enough light.

07:00: My day usually starts. My body alarm has set itself to that time and I do not fight it lol.

07:30: I write. This is my form of prayer. My calm. My center space. I am dysfunctional without doing this.

08:40: I wear almost every piece of clothing in my wardrobe before eventually going back to the first or second outfit I had picked.

09:00: I start my day by going through every platform. Most of my clients contact me through WhatsApp and emails, so I make time for responses.

10:00: My first meeting of the day is at Woolworths Cafe, The Grove mall. The client would like to do an intimate picnic-style bridal shower for her best friend. We sit and strategize on an overall look and try figure out the perfect venue to host.

11:30: I head out to Grenadine, to see my gorgeous mother. Her and I do work together. Meeting her is a mix between a party and a work related sit-down.

13:00: The Sheraton Hotel, for my next meeting. An inquiry about a gender reveal baby shower. My first time, I am very excited about doing this (I hope it’s a baby girl).

14:00: I always put my work before anything else, including lunch lol but I managed to indulge; toasted egg and cheese with a cup of rooibos. I do this while going through Instagram.

16:00: My final meeting of the day; another baby shower. A baby girl (excitement in my bones!)

17:00: I spend the rest of my late afternoon sitting at Sheraton doing mood and vision boards for all the clients that I met today, and doing quotations (and letting traffic die down).

20:00: My best ideas come in the evening, and that’s also when I work best. Conceptualizing a new idea has a lot of mind-mapping and researching involved. Research takes about 60% of any new concept. Research tonight seemingly has a lot to do with me Instagramming myself :(.

22:00: Sending through final emails to schedule meetings for the following week and all outstanding work to clients.

22:30: Back to the concept. My focus is back and a bit better.

23:41: The concept has a back bone and a big part of it is on paper. That is more than enough for me. Plus wow, am I not hungry? time to go home!

Love and light


Contact Oregolole

BB will be undergoing new branding soon, including social media platforms.

@Basilnbrass (Instagram)
@TheFreshExchang (Twitter)
@BasilAndBrass (Facebook)

You can reach Oregolele directly on 0720839079 or oregolele@basilnbrass.com.

All further inquiries can be made on info@basilnbrass.com

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