5 Things to do for Girls Night Out

5 Things to do for Girls Night Out

How often do you reconnect with the girls? I mean a real girls’ night out? Whether you’re catching up with your current friends or reconnecting with old ones, it’s important to have some girl time in your life.

We spend about 40 hours a day in the office then we end up being consumed by other things like partners, family, studies. It becomes too much right?? We’ll be like “oh next week we’ll catch-up” then next week becomes the next and the next thing you know it’s been a month of not hanging out with the girls. I’m guilty of this (to all my friends reading this, I’m sorry babes). Friends keep you grounded, add a little spontaneity to your life, help you reach your goals and sometimes they’re just a good shoulder to cry on.  

This week on the blog I wanted to share with you all my favorite things to do for a girls night out.

 Hit the Club

I started with this one because really what is a girls’ night out without lots of dancing to loouuud music? There are so many party spots in Johannesburg that it would be silly not to consider clubbing for a girls night. It’s also a good excuse to get dressed up and look all kinds of sexy.

Get dolled up for dinner

If the loud scene is not really your vibe and you really just want to catch up and have a good time, why not dress in your best and go have a nice dinner? I love The Big Mouth in Sandton, Spetada in Rosebank. Even better make it a food or wine tasting. I love Licorish bistro for their tasting plates and wine pairings.

Make it a movie night

Catch up over a fun movie, or a sad one or some drama. Whatever you’re into there’ll always be something on the line up.

Go for drinks

Sometimes you just want to go to vibey place with some music in the background and bond over some drinks. My favs are Eighty Six Public in Illovo or Life Grand at Waterfall. Even better go to a karaoke bar and you’ll turn the fun up by a million. Plus you know you’ll get great photo ops 😉

Comedy Night

What’s better than having a good laugh over dinner and drinks with some mates? There are some really great comedy nights you can go to with the girls. Plus tickets aren’t usually that expensive.

I’ve styled two looks that perfectly suit a girls night.

Look 1: Perfect for drinks with the girls or comedy night




Look 2: Perfect for when you’re going straight from the office to dinner





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  1. Mpumi
    November 6, 2017 / 2:06 am

    These looks are edgy yet sophisticated. I love the handbag addition, it just transforms the office look

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